Seth Meyers blasts White House aide Stephen Miller for being 'evil': He actually wants 'credit for a policy so cruel'
Stephen Miller [Screen grab from video]

Late Night show host Seth Meyers said that President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance policy" immigration rule is “monstrous and inhumane.”

He slammed the White House for continuously claiming that they are simply enforcing the law. There is no law that requires children to be separated from their parents.

“This is not a law,” Meyers said. “It’s a policy announced by choice by the Trump administration.”

Last week, White House adviser Stephen Miller even took credit for the new policy. In an interview with the New York Times he said it was a "simple decision."

“No nation can have the policy that whole classes of people are immune from immigration law or enforcement,” Miller said, “It was a simple decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry, period. The message is that no one is exempt from immigration law.”

Meyers called him the definition of evil. “Wow, you know you’re evil when you actually want credit for a policy this cruel,” he said.

Watch below.