Ex-Tea Party lawmaker calls Trump a 'traitor to this country' after stunning Putin press conference
Former Republican lawmaker Joe Walsh talks on CNN (Screen cap).

Former Tea Party lawmaker Joe Walsh on Monday said he was completely done with President Donald Trump in the wake of his jaw-dropping joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Walsh, who backed Trump in 2016 but who has been critical of the president's attacks on law enforcement agencies, wrote on Twitter that he would no longer consider voting for him in 2020.

"Look, I'm no big deal, but today is the final straw for me," he wrote. "I will never support Trump again. If that makes me a NeverTrumper, so be it."

Walsh then took things a step farther and said he believed it was possible that Trump's actions have been treasonous.

"I am a tea party conservative, that will never change," he wrote. "But Trump was a traitor to this country today. That must not be accepted. Speak out."

Trump's press event with Putin has been widely panned by former U.S. diplomats and intelligence officials, as the president cast doubt on his own intelligence agencies' conclusions that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election while also praising Putin's offer to have his own intelligence agencies investigate themselves.