Fired host Reza Aslan exposes CNN’s hypocrisy after they claim to value critical opinions of their coverage
Reza Aslan (Screenshot/YouTube)

Responding to a CNN statement defending one of their current contributors, who previously disparaged the network, former CNN host Reza Aslan fired back at his former employer, saying they monitored everything he ever tweeted.

On Friday, Fox News ran a hit piece on CNN contributor Oliver Darcy, under a headline, "Old tweets reveal CNN reporter used to mock network: 'CNN is really confused.'"

In response CNN, issued a statement defending Darcy, saying, “We encourage staff to share their thoughts about the organization – both positive and critical. While this might seem like an exotic concept to you, we’d headline it ‘Media Reporter Does Job.’ This is a nothing story.”

Aslan, the former host of CNN's "Believer," fired back with a few words about how he was treated by the network before he was fired for calling President Donald Trump "sh*t."

Writing on Twitter, the religion expert wrote, "This is 100% BS. When I was doing Believer I would get calls to my cell phone seconds after I tweeted something critical of urging me to delete the tweet. I was once told off simply for RTing a vid. I even got shit from them for criticizing my own friend "

Aslan recently attacked the network and its executives for cashing in on President Donald Trump while stiffing him and some of his production team out of pay they deserved.

You can see Aslan's tweet below: