Firefighter smashes cashier's computer at Chinese restaurant because he didn't like his food
'Screaming firefighter in uniform on a white background' [Shutterstock]

Harold Mendoza, an off-duty firefighter, lost his temper over a bad meal at a Chinese restaurant in New York.

Mendoza, 30, was dissatisfied with his meal and returned it. He asked for a refund and the employee gave him back his $7.00. However, Mendoza started yelling and demanded that staff give him back $10.00 instead.

The employees wanted him to leave, so they gave him the money. Afterward, Mendoza, took out his keychain and began smashing the cashiers computer screen.

The computer was damaged so badly that it will cost the restaurant owner $2,000 to replace it.

“He had the $10 in his hand and he started banging his keys on the screen,” a witness told New York Daily News. “The fact that he’s a firefighter makes it hurt so much more. The assumption is that they’re pretty honorable people.”

He was arrested for criminal mischief and his case is pending in Bronx Criminal Court. His supervisor had no comment on the situation.