'Why is this guy going to trial?' MSNBC panel breaks down Paul Manafort's 'mad exposure'
Chris Hayes on MSNBC/Screenshot

MSNBC's Chris Hayes sat down with former federal prosecutor Paul Butler and former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman to break down the trial of President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller released the names of five witnesses who were granted immunity in exchange for a testimony against Manafort.

"Every lawyer I talk to is like why is this guy going to trial? Hayes asked.

"He's totally dead to rights. He got a six-day extension, which means he has about a week to decide if he's more afraid of the Russians or if he's more afraid of Robert Mueller," Butler said. "If he's more afraid of Russians, he's going to go to trial and probably lose."

He continued: "He's charged with paper crimes, failing to register, tax evasion, bank crimes, really not difficult for a prosecutor to prove. He's a 69-year-old man looking at at least 15-years in jail just for this one case, and then he's got another trial coming up in D.C. So he's got mad exposure. Again, 95% of people who are prosecuted plead guilty. Why isn't this guy?"

Akerman said there is little to no defense that Manafort can make.

"Prosecutors puts all the evidence together in the first place. They actually are able to put together an indictment that is as foolproof. They even anticipated the defenses. The old 'I got it from the lawyer' trick. Well, he lied to the lawyers. And oh, 'I got it from the accountant,' but he lied to the accountants, according to the indictment. So every potential defense, he has is blocked out by this indictment."

Hayes said that no ones know what will happen next.

"It's remarkable when you consider the fact this guy was the campaign manager of the sitting president of the United States. He's in court today in a prison jumpsuit, and is going to be standing on trial for bank fraud. Lord knows what else might be coming down the pike in just a week."

Watch below.