Republican strategist Rick Wilson says Trump 'eager as a schoolgirl' to hang with Putin and destroy NATO
Rick Wilson appears on CNN/Screenshot

A panel on CNN Wednesday night took up the topic of Donald Trump's one-on-one meeting with Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator who interfered in the 2016 election in an effort to get Trump the 77,000 votes he needed to secure an electoral college victory.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson said that regardless of what the men say in secret, it's already a "disaster."

"This is a moment of disaster already for our European allies," Wilson said. "He's eager as a schoolgirl for this meeting with Vladimir Putin and he's throwing all sorts of shade and hating on our NATO allies, folks that have stood with us for 70 years."

Trump will not listen to advice, Wilson said.

He's resisting the entreaties of both the allies and his own staff to issue a statement about Article 5, which is the provision the NATO an attack on one is an attack on all."

NATO is the foundation of American military strategy and foreign policy and Trump appears ready to destroy it to forge a relationship with the Russian dictator who he idolizes, Wilson said. Wilson reminded viewers of how important NATO and its provision for mutual assistance have been.

"The last time Article 5 was invoked was 9/11 and NATO allies were calling us within hours, the rubble was still smoking when they called volunteered to help," he said.

trump simply cannot appreciate something like that if it doesn't benefit him today, Wilson said.

"Donald Trump is signaling that unless he gets his cut of the vig on this thing he's going to walk away on this alliance. This is a moment of incredible political and global tragedy if we let this slip away."

Watch below.