WHOA: Rudy Giuliani admits Michael Cohen recorded 183 conversations -- and Trump is mentioned in at least 12
Rudy Giuliani appears on CBS (screen grab)

Attorney Rudy Giuliani revealed on Sunday that Michael Cohen had recorded at least 183 conversations and President Donald Trump is mentioned in "11 or 12."

CBS host Margaret Brennan asked Giuliani, who is representing the president, in an appearance on Face the Nation how many times Trump appeared in materials that federal investigators seized from the office of his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

"Let me see if I can make it about as clear as possible," Giuliani began. "We know of something like 183 unique conversations on tape. One is with the president of the United States. That's the three-minute one involving the [payment to former Playboy model Karen McDougal]."

"There are 12 others -- maybe 11 or 12 others -- out of the 183 in which the president is discussed at any length by Cohen, mostly with reporters," he continued.

Giuliani went on to insist that "all" of the conversations corroborated Trump's tweets about his relationship with Cohen.

"He didn't know about the payments to [Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal] when it happened, that he only found out later," Giuliani remarked. "Cohen made [the payments], not for the campaign. He didn't like the campaign, he said very derogatory things about the campaign. He said I only made it because I personally love the president and Melania. Which takes it right out of the campaign contribution arsenal."

Many legal experts, however, disagree that Trump has been exonerated by the Cohen tapes.

Watch the video below from CBS.