Rudy Giuliani swears his bizarre CNN interview was an effort to block New York Times story he says Cohen planted
Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani explained that his erratic series of interviews Monday were all aimed at killing a possible New York Times story.

The Daily Beast interviewed the former New York mayor Monday evening, exploring the question many have had over the course of the day: why is he disputing allegations no one made?

Reporters from The New York Times, like Maggie Haberman, reached out to the Trump team about an alleged pre-Trump Tower meeting, Giuliani claimed.

“Jay [Sekulow] and I spent a great deal of [Sunday] trying to run it down," said Giuliani.

He told The Beast that he thinks he successfully managed to "shut it down" and kill the story. He then essentially confessed it was all for nothing, by saying the journalists found other reasons not to run the story.

Giuliani said that he and Sekulow had to "go to [alleged participants’] lawyers, and they had to go back to their notes because nowadays no one wants to be inaccurate."

He thinks the story goes back to Michael Cohen, who he thinks tried to plant the story in the press. He confessed he has no proof of that, however.

“We don’t talk about sourcing, and wouldn’t now—but I have lost the thread of what the former mayor is talking about,” Haberman said when asked about Giuliani's accusation.