Sam Bee does her own threatening NRA-esque video: 'You're caught associating with one Russian agent and you disappear?'
Samantha Bee (Photo: Screen capture)

In an epic takedown of the National Rifle Association, late-night comedian Samantha Bee issued her own creepy advertisement mimicking one the gun lobbying group issued.

Bee began with the story of pro-gun activist Maria Butina, who is being labeled by media as a kind of irresistible fem fatal.

"She shot directly to the heart of American conservatism," said a CNN report. "Combining a passion for guns with an irresistible charm rarely associated with the U.S. gun lobby."

The TBS host was horrified all Butina had to do was talk about freedom and the economy and the man next to her looked like he was about to "betray America if she'll brush against his arm."

"With her focus on guns, sex, and big money, Maria Butina caused every Republican she met to grow that tell-tale wet spot on the front of their pants," Bee joked. "And if that sounds gross, it super was."

South Dakota GOP operative Paul Erickson was one who fell into Butina's arms. He was 27 years older than she.

"This is why Russia hates America," Bee surmised. "When their spies go to England, they sleep with Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan. When they come here, they have to do collision with Kevin from Dunder Mifflin."

Bee played a CNN report alleging that Butina was trying to establish back-channel communications between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"There's no need for back-channel communications when they're doing front-channel communications!" exclaimed Bee, displaying a photo of Trump and Putin from their joint press conference. "Who cares if Butina fancied herself a half-assed James Bond character? The scary thing is that foreign interests are working with powerful conservative groups like the NRA and it just got even easier."

She then blasted the IRS for the recent decision that the NRA will no longer have to hand over the information of their donors, despite the fact that they're now suspected of being part of an international plot.

"Instead of playing spy, Butina and her cronies can give illegal contributions to the NRA and even the IRS won't know," Bee said. "Butina's arrest and this rule change happening on the same day is a coincidence. I'm sure when she heard about it from prison she was like, 'Wait, I did not even have to sleep with this f*cking jabroni?' Lady, you hit that."

Bee explained that the fact that Butina and shady Russian criminals chose to infiltrate the NRA probably isn't a coincidence, particularly given the new IRS rules. These groups can now spend up to 49 percent of their cash on "social welfare causes" without ever having to report anything to the public.

She noted that this is concerning for any organization, but the NRA has specifically spent years trying to divide Americans in their web ads.

"Usually starring shiny haired panic-button Dana Loesch," Bee said, showing a clip of an ad. The video prompted Bee to say that Loesch made a "bunch of women in p*ssy hats sound like Vietnam."

"You know, I never thought I'd say this to another woman, but maybe calm down and smile more," Bee said. "Dana and the NRA are so eager to call out the scourge of American liberalism, but they've been completely silent about their involvement with Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin."

So, Bee did her own video, mocking Loesch's.

Watch it below: