Shep Smith explains NATO -- and Fox News viewers fume that he is 'berating the president'
Shep Smith (Screenshot)

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith opened his show Wednesday by giving a basic primer on NATO.

"NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a political and military alliance between North America and Europe," he said. "[It] that rose from the ruins of World War II in part a response to potential Soviet aggression in Western Europe."

The whole point is that the U.S. and our European allies defend each other if one is attacked.

"In other words, I got your back, you got mine," Smith said.

But Trump seems poised to undermine the organization, Smith said.

"So here we are today. With President Trump slamming our NATO allies to their faces on international television at a summit in Brussels," Smith said. "He claims the United States spends too much money protecting our European friends from Russia and accuses NATO countries of not spending enough to defend themselves... The truth is every NATO country has paid its bills for NATO-shared budget. No country, not one is delinquent."

Smith broke down the agreements the U.S. have made, and how other countries have followed it.

Some Fox News viewers were very angry about this basic history and statement of facts.

Watch below.