Trump's own diplomat calls him a 'p*ssy' for not being brave enough to stand up to Putin
President Donald Trump (L) met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Finland, taking the strongman at his word that Moscow did not interfere in the 2016 US presidential vote. (AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

Both current and former American diplomats are calling out President Donald Trump for even entertaining the idea that Russia would be allowed to question U.S. ambassadors, reported the Daily Beast.

First Michael McFaul, the former U. S. ambassador to Russia under Barack Obama fired back on Twitter over the White House saying it might allow Russian prosecutors to interview him.

He is not alone in his thinking that the White House has gone too far. A U.S. diplomat, who wished not to be named, told the Daily Beast that President Trump is nothing but a "p*ssy."

“The president has first and foremost his interests at the top of his mind, as opposed to the government’s. That’s very clear over the past week and a half, between sh*ting on our NATO allies and kissing Putin’s a**,” the diplomat said. “He cares more about himself than the nation and any of us who serve it.”

The diplomat continued: “Either he’s compromised by Putin or he’s a p*ssy, in which case he should grab himself.”

Ron Neumann, a former ambassador to Afghanistan, said it's "horrifying" that the White House was even considering such a thing.

“If the U.S. would make a former diplomat avail for questioning by a foreign government without evidence of wrongdoing, then that would be quite horrifying,” Neumann said.

“To even hint that there’s some element of credibility to Russian disruptions and distractions puts a bullseye on the back of any diplomat and invites authoritarian regimes to bully and threaten American public servants for the crime of doing their job. No administration should require a lesson or reminder in why this is reprehensible,” David Wade, former Secretary of State John Kerry’s chief of staff said.