The View’s Joy Behar scalds Trump’s evangelical backers over Playmate payout: ‘They don’t care — they have the Supreme Court’
Joy Behar (ABC)

"The View" co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar nailed the hypocrisy of President Donald Trump's evangelical supporters.

The co-hosts discussed recorded conversations between Trump and attorney Michael Cohen about a payout to a Playboy model, which may have violated campaign finance laws -- but Hostin said the tapes should trouble conservatives even if no laws were broken.

"Traditional voters, people that are traditionalist, have traditional values, shouldn't they be concerned that he had this affair with this woman for 10 months?" Hostin said.

The affair allegedly took place around the time Melania Trump gave birth to the president's youngest son, but Behar said none of that mattered to some evangelical voters.

"No, they don't care," Behar said. "They don't care."

Hostin could hardly wrap her mind around religious right voters who were willing to overlook that personal morality failure.

"Right after Melania had their baby, Barron, he started this affair with this other woman for 10 months, but he is now caught on tape saying, 'Yeah, pay her,'" she said. "Now he is admitting, in my mind, to this affair. The traditional voters out there, my goodness."

Behar said Trump's evangelical supporters never cared about morality -- only power.

"They don't care because they have the Supreme Court," Behar said. "Don't you understand that? They have the Supreme Court -- they only care about abortion rights, these people."