WATCH: Fox News tries to explain NATO with perplexing car metaphor

On Wednesday's episode of Fox News' the Five, the hosts struggled to justify President Donald Trump's actions in Brussels today, where the President met with NATO allies.

Of note was the President insulting Germany, when he suggested that Germany was beholden to Russia because they get their energy needs from Russian companies.

After a series of reaction shots showing diplomats and Democratic lawmakers denouncing the President and/or sadly shaking their heads, the Five tried to justify the Presidents combative stance towards NATO allies.

Greg Gutfield started things off by comparing NATO to a friend who always wants rides but never offers to pay for gas.

"Europe are your pals who always have you drive them everywhere but they never chip in for gas. Trump is saying it's been a long time. You haven't paid for the gas. You've got to pay for the gas," Gutfield said.

Co-host Kennedy went further, describing NATO's relationship with a cab metaphor.