WATCH: MSNBC analysts jokes that US will be lucky if 'horrible negotiator' Trump doesn't sell Alaska to Putin
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin - Screenshot

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump landed in Brussels ahead of his planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland July 16th.

Trump continues to alienate NATO allies while seemingly cozying up to Putin. Before he left this morning, he joked in a press conference that Putin would be easier to deal with than NATO.

Russia experts worry that the President is likely to be outmaneuvered by the former FSB director.

On Deadline MSNBC, analysts joked that at this point, expectation over the meeting were so low, they'd be impressed if Trump managed to hold on to Alaska.

"The problem we have, Trump is under a cloud, and if he isn't guilty, he sure looks like it the way he interacts with Putin," said Democratic operative Ron Klain. "And secondly, he's a horrible negotiator. He got his clock cleaned in North Korea, and we'll be lucky, at the end of this meeting in Putin, is Alaska is one of the 50 states."