Authoritarianism expert warns we're already in a 'Constitutional crisis'
Author and authoritarianism expert Sarah Kendzior on MSNBC (Screen capture)

Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to tax and bank fraud. This new revelation in their cases leads authoritarianism expert, Sarah Kendzior, to suggest that America is in a "Constitutional crisis."

"We have a constitutional crisis. Trump is an existential threat," she tweeted. "Every now and again -- Helsinki, Charlottesville, Comey firing, migrant kidnapping -- officials seem to finally grasp this. Today is such a day. But it was always true, and will remain true -- unless the GOP impeaches."

Kendzior then asserted that people knew Manafort and Cohen were guilty all along but gave them the "benefit of the doubt."

"It was always as bad as it seemed," Kendzior wrote. "The evidence was always available. Often the criminals flaunted their crimes: they wanted us to know, and to be powerless. Meanwhile, fools played along. They gave the benefit of the doubt to people who deserve it less than anyone on earth."