Democratic lawmaker gleefully predicts upset of Trump-backed candidate in Ohio: 'Trump is kryptonite to voters'
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Discussing a pivotal special election in a solidly conservative district in Ohio on Tuesday, a Democratic congressman said that the closeness of the race -- currently a dead heat -- is a sign that President Donald Trump has become toxic to core Republican voters.

Appearing on MSNBC with host Stephanie Ruhle and fellow panelist -- and Republican -- Dave Jolly, Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY) said the GOP is in trouble, and that the race between Ohio Republican state Sen. Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O'Connor is a preview of things to come.

"The fact is we've never had better candidates since I've been in the House of Representatives and, you know, I represent a district that voted for Donald Trump," Maloney said while smiling.

"I'll tell you what, he [Trump] right now is kryptonite to those Republicans in the suburbs where there are higher educated voters," he continued before adding, "Where there's more diversity where people don't buy his brand of politics."

'That's why those John McCain voters, particularly the female Republican voters in the suburbs, are going to win that special election for Danny O'Connor," he elaborated.

Maloney then had some advice for Democratic voters on how to undercut Trump within his own party.

"Go vote -- this is what has to happen. We have to vote today in Ohio and absolutely everyone has to come out and vote this November," he advised. "That's when those Republicans I work within Congress will start to question the president -- when there's a political price to pay. Watch what happens.

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: