Ex-Trump aide Kelly Sadler was offered another job in the administration after joking about John McCain dying
John McCain and Kelly Sadler/Screenshots

After a huge firestorm regarding a poor-taste joke about John McCain's death led to her dismissal from the White House, ex-Trump aide Kelly Sadler was offered another job in the administration.

The Daily Beast reported that according to one of her former colleagues Sadler told the White House to "f*ck off" when she was offered help with getting another job following the embarrassing leaked comment.

Unlike other former Trump administration aides who made quiet comebacks in the private sector, Sadler has been a veritable "ghost," former and current White House officials told the Beast.

"The operating assumption across Trumpworld is that she is still laying low, self-aware that her name is still firmly associated in Republican circles and elsewhere with mocking a dying senator," the report noted.