Ex-Trump White House lawyer tells Rudy Giuliani to get his act together before he goes on TV again
Jim Schultz (CNN)

A former White House counsel under President Donald Trump called on Rudy Giuliani to get his act together after another round of bizarre television appearances.

Jim Schultz, who served less than a year as associate White House counsel in the Trump administration, said the former New York City mayor wasn't helping the president he's representing as an attorney in the special counsel probe.

"I have represented a lot of politicians," Schultz said. "I have represented a governor in my home state of Pennsylvania as general counsel. When you are speaking on behalf of your client, you have to be precise."

He said precision matters in court filings and in public appearances on behalf of a client.

"If you are going to take that step to do it on television or in the public domain, there's no exception to precision," Schultz said. "He is not being precise, he is giving off-the-cuff answers. He needs to be better prepared and be very precise with his answers and get his facts straight so that he is conveying that message appropriately."