Former federal prosecutor explains how Rudy Giuliani could be disbarred over radio show stunt
Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah on MSNBC/SCreenshot

Donald Trump's lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow, teamed up to host Sean Hannity's radio show on Friday as the Fox News host took a day off.

The two lawyers discussed their client's case on the air, something that Former Federal Prosecutor Southern District New York Mimi Rocah called the development "stunning."

"I think Giuliani has been skirting the line, and, in my opinion, has now gone over the line in violating the rules of professional conduct as a lawyer," she said.

Host Chris Hayes said that Giuliani has made it clear he views this as an "entirely a political proceeding and not a legal one."

That won't matter, said Rocah.

If Giuliani has violated he could face discipline by the bar, possibly even disbarment.

"He is saying that, but he is a lawyer," she said. "He still needs to abide by the rules."

Watch below.