GOP candidate Ron DeSantis warns Florida not to ‘monkey up’ the state by electing his black opponent Andrew Gillum
Governor Ron DeSantis (Fox News)

President Donald Trump's pick for Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, prevailed in Tuesday's primary, defeating a more moderate opponent.

The newly anointed GOP candidate, currently U.S. Representative for Florida's 6th congressional district, went on Fox News on Wednesday to criticize his opponent, Democrat Andrew Gillum, mayor of the state's capital city, Tallahassee. Gillum would be the state's first black governor.

During a rant about his opponent, DeSantis called him "articulate" but told voters that his black opponent would "monkey up" the state.

"Florida elections are always competitive, and this is a guy who, although he is much too liberal for Florida, he has huge problems with how he's governed Tallahassee, he is an articulate spokesman for those far left views," DeSantis said. "The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda."

Watch below.