Ivanka Trump business partner accused by Justice Department of multi-million dollar tax fraud
Ivanka Trump, Moshe Lax -- (File photos)

A business partner of White House adviser Ivanka Trump is being sued by the Justice Department for defrauding the government out of millions of dollars in taxes owed.

According to Politico, New York businessman Moshe Lax -- who partnered with President Donald Trump's daughter to form Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry -- is accused of financial wrongdoing related to a $27 million IRS lien on his father’s estate.

The lawsuit claims that Lax, his sister Zlaty Schwartz, and his late father, Chaim Lax, "engaged in a series of complex sham transactions designed to evade taxes owed." The lawsuit seeks more than $60 million in unpaid tax liabilities and was brought by lawyers in the Justice Department’s tax division.

Lax, along with Ivanka Trump, was previously the subject of a lawsuit brought by an Italian jewelry designer for failure to pay their bills.

Over his career and partnership with Trump, he was also accused of stiffing Ivanka over money owed to her.

The newly filed lawsuit from the Justice Department alleges family members undertook 10 separate schemes “designed to hide the Lax family assets from the IRS and other creditors and make it appear as though the Estate was insolvent.”

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