MSNBC's Morning Joe calls out hypocritical Christians who issue online death threats: 'Jesus is love'
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called out self-described Christians who issue death threats against him on Twitter because they disagree with something he said on television.

Pastor Dan Darling appeared Monday on "Morning Joe" to discuss his new book, "The Dignity Revolution: Reclaiming God's Rich Vision for Humanity," and Scarborough urged conservative Christians to read it.

"This is such a timely book, and I've got to say Twitter has been so instructive because through the years," Scarborough said. "Even going back to 2009, I would have people who would say the most horrific things about me, or somebody else, and then you're like, who is this person?"

He said those threats often came from social media users who celebrated Christian love on their Twitter profiles.

"'I hope you die,' 'I hope this,' 'I hope that,'" he added, paraphrasing the threats and violent language he encounters on social media. "Then the bio, they would say, 'Jesus is love, spending my days loving the Lord.' And I just -- you sit there and you wonder how somebody separates their private faith with their public views in politics."

The former Republican said too many Christians let their political beliefs trump their moral standards.

"There's almost a feeling that anything goes," Scarborough said. "You can leave your faith at the door, so long as you're protecting your tribe and your political team."