New blackface video roils Sacramento high school where racist science project was featured
Unidentified Sacramento student in blackface -- Facebook screenshot

A Sacramento high school that was recently embroiled in a controversy over a racist Science Fair project is reeling again after several students filmed themselves using the N-word while in blackface.

According to CBS13 Sacramento, students believed to be attending McClatchy High School posted a video of themselves on social media wearing cosmetic mud masks and using the highly-charged racial slur.

In the first clip a teenage boy in blackface approachesa a bird cage, saying, “I don’t think this bird likes n***ers.”

A second clip shows a teenage girl and the same boy flirting with the teen girl, giggling, "Hi, n***er."

While school officials are reasonably sure the videos were not shot on campus, they are concerned about the video coming on the heels of a student's controversial science project in February that questioned the IQ's of African-American students.

The school was criticised for approving the project proposal that stated: "If the average IQs of blacks, Southeast Asians, and Hispanics are lower than the average IQs of non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians, then the racial disproportionality in the Humanities and International Studies Program (HISP) is justified.”

According to Betty Williams, who heads up the Greater Sacramento NAACP, there seems to be a constant undercurrent of racism at the school.

"Now to hear the N-word, with two more students, I have to think it's the culture of the school that makes white students fell it's okay" she explained.

A spokesperson for the Sacramento City Unified School District said officials are looking into the video.

You can watch the CB13 report below: