'One is The King -- one thinks he was elected king': Sports writer schools Trump on LeBron -- 'he wandered into the wrong gym'
Sports writer and commentator Mike Lupica (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's war on LeBron James displays a unique division between two men that couldn't be more different, one MSNBC commentator explained.

During a Sunday panel discussion about the president's Twitter attacks over the weekend, sports writer and commentator Mike Lupica explained that LeBron James likely isn't intimidated by Trump.

"He's wandered into the wrong gym here," Lupica said of Trump. "I mean, maybe this president could intimidate him by putting on the uniform of the Golden State Warriors, but other than that, LeBron doesn't fear him. This president has nothing. He has nothing he needs. And look at this, LeBron is better at what he does. He's more popular and he has lived a life that is a hymn to this country's possibilities."

He explained that there is no greater contrast between the two men, not merely in occupation, but in life experience.

"Look at the contrast here," Lupica continued. "He started this school. The other guy started Trump University, OK. Just start there. He's called the king, and the other guy thinks he was elected king. But how did this start? All he said was that the president has been using sports to divide us, which he has. And he's said that he didn't want to sit across from him."

He also said that James has lead "an impeccable public life" helping at-risk children.

"He's not just wrong, he's not just disagreeing with LeBron," said Lupica about the president. "He has to call him dumb, too. And in the aftermath and in the shadow of it, how is that working out for him so far?"

Watch the full commentatory below: