Racist man escapes hate crime charges because victim is so injured he can't remember the vicious attack
DaShawn Horne and his attacker Julian Tuimauga /Screenshots

A Washington man has been offered a plea deal that spares him hate crimes charges in a racist attack on a black man because his victim can't remember the attack, reports KOMO News.

Julian Tuimauga has admitted to beating DaShawn Horne with a baseball bat outside his home in Auburn, Washington.

Horne had a relationship with Tuimauga's sister, prompting him to attack while using, “racially charged words and threats."

Horne doesn't remember the attack, and has not been told about it or seen video. The plea deal spares him having to testify.

“He hasn’t seen the video of the attack, not sure when I will let him know what happened," said his mother. "He is starting to ask questions."

Tuimauga pleaded guilty to 1st degree assault and will serve at least five years in prison for that, and will also serve at least two more years on a "deadly weapon enhancement."