'State me facts': Michael Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis slams Fox News host who tosses nutty conspiracies at him
Michael Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis on Fox News/Screenshot

Lanny Davis, the lawyer for former Trump fixer Michael Cohen, appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to talk about his client's guilty plea.

During a tense interview, the mild-mannered Davis told the hosts that there was "no question" Donald Trump had violated federal election law.

Davis simply stated what everyone had agreed on in federal court on Tuesday.

"At the direction and coordination of President of the United States, Donald Trump, the donations given, to keep quiet two women, which Mr. Trump wasn't willing to sign those checks himself, he directed Mr. Cohen to write those checks—is a federal crime," he said. "And if Michael Cohen, with the prosecutors in New York agreeing, admitted to that, then certainly Donald Trump is guilty of that crime."

Fox News host Eric Shawn then asked if there should be a special prosecutor investigating "the Clintons" over the Steele dossier and the inner-workings of the FBI.

"You didn't state a single fact involving the Clintons," Davis said. "And although I have a lot of friends at Fox and have been a Fox guest on almost every show on Fox, that kind of rhetoric without facts is unfortunately too-common on Fox shows. So, state me facts of what Bill or Hillary Clinton actually have done that would suggest anything illegal suggesting a special counsel."

Watch below.