These three states that went for Trump in 2016 will be hardest hit by his auto tariffs: report
Car assembly line worker -- Shutterstock

According to an analysis by Business Insider, the three states that will be hardest hit by President Donald Trump's trade war involving the auto industry are states that helped elevate him to the Oval Office.

In May of this year the president proposed a 25 percent tariff on imported cars and auto parts in retaliation for what he feels are unfair trade policies that he believes favor other nations.

While the tariffs have yet to go into effect, automakers are already reacting to possible lost business by proposing massive job cuts. Automaker Volvo has already announced that the 4,000 jobs planned for expanded production in South Carolina may not materialize if the tariffs are implemented.

Seeking to understand the impact on the industry, Business Insider looked at the percentage of each state's workforce employed in the auto industry using data from the Center For Automotive Research.

What they found was Michigan -- unsurprisingly -- led the pack with 21.4 percent of the workers tied to the auto industry. Behind Michigan came Indiana (13.9 percent) and Ohio (11.7 percent) -- with all three states combing to contribute 45 electoral votes to Trump's 2015 total

Following those three are an additional three states that went for Trump: Kentucky (11 percent), Tennessee (9.6 percent), and Alabama (8.3 percent).

You can read the whole report -- with graphics -- here.