CNN analyst nails it: 'Republicans don't care about Trump's character -- they only care about winning'
Paul Ryan has been a loyal supporter of Donald Trump even as he acknowledged the president's many serious flaws/Screenshot

On Wednesday, the New York Times took the unprecedented step of publishing an op-ed from a top Trump aide anonymously. The letter tried to explain how many who serve the administration are doing their best to blunt the impact of President Donald Trump's more extreme actions and policies.

On CNN's the Lead with Jake Tapper, panelists discussed the significance of the letter, especially a section where the aide claims they wondered if they could remove Donald Trump from office.

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin pointed out even the letter—a clear sign of no confidence in the president—was not enough to bring Republicans to oppose the president. He also noted their hypocrisy.

"Conservatives talking about Bill Clinton's character, didn't care about Bill Clinton's character. They don't care about Donald Trump's character. They care about winning and they're winning," he said.