CNN's Wolf Blitzer explains why Trump can't comprehend what the Justice Department actually does
Donald Trump speaks to the press inside the White House/Screenshot

President Donald Trump's latest attack on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the anonymous The New York Times op-ed writer left several people wondering if Trump understood the basics of America's democracy.

During his Friday show, CNN's Wolf Blitzer said that the role of the Department of Justice is not to work as Trump's personal lawyer.

"The president seems to think the Justice Department and Attorney General are there to serve the president's political agenda. Does he not understand the role of the Justice Department and the Attorney General?" Wolf asked.

CNN correspondent Rebecca Berg said that Trump lacks knowledge of how politics in America work.

"So time and time again, the president has shown a complete disregard for the independents in the Justice Department and has seemingly ignored that the Justice Department doesn't work for him personally. They work for the American people," Berg said.

Watch the video below via CNN.