Dershowitz shuts down Giuliani for misrepresenting Manafort cooperation: 'This was a very bad day for Trump'
Alan Dershowitz -- ABC screenshot

Law professor Alan Dershowitz, an ardent defender or President Donald Trump, argued on Sunday that former Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort's cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller is bad news for the president.

Dershowitz told NBC host that both Manafort and Trump had waited too long to act. Manafort should have cooperated before he was found guilty and Trump should have pardoned Manafort before the former campaign chairman agreed to cooperate, Dershowitz said.

"[Manafort] knowns he gets a better deal if he can help support the narrative of the prosecutor," he continued. "The deal says that Manafort will cooperate on anything the special counsel asks him about. There are no limits."

Dershowitz pushed back against Rudy Giuliani's assertion that Manafort's cooperation had nothing to do with Trump.

"I understand why Rudy Giuliani wants to put this in the most positive light," Dershowitz acknowledged. "But this was a very bad day for the Trump administration. It's very bad because he doesn't know what Manafort is saying and [Trump] can't count on Manafort saying things that the special counsel already knows."

"If you don't know what a cooperator is saying then it's a bad day for you because you're vulnerable."

Watch the video below from NBC.