Donor base fleeing GOP candidates after Woodward book and NYT op-ed revelations: CNN's Dana Bash
CNN's Dana Bash -- screenshot

On Friday morning, CNN's Dana Bash reported that stalwart GOP donors are closing their checkbooks and refusing to donate to desperate Republican candidates due to the turmoil in the White House detailed in Bob Woodward's book "Fear."

Speaking with host Alisyn Camerota, Bash said things are not looking good for the GOP at the midterm elections and that Trump's travails are at the heart of their problems.

"The White House is in damage control following Bob Woodward's book called "Fear" and the New York Times op-ed," Camerota began. "How is this drama impacting Republican candidates?"

"The headline from Republican operatives I'm talking to who are trying to keep the control of House in Republican hands in two months is not good," Bash began. "First and foremost, I am told, there is a real problem with they call the 'donor base.'"

"It's become more and more difficult for Republicans, particularly on the leadership level, and on down to raise money because Republican donors are not as eager to write checks in this environment -- and they're seeing in that a big way, I'm told."

"Also just the chaotic environment is not good for these House candidates," she continued. "On the Senate side, it could be different. You talked about the president was in Montana last night, he [Democrat Jon Tester] won that state by 20 points as an incumbent Democrat. There is no reason the president should not be able to gin up the base since Republicans aren't sure if they can take the seat."

"The House races are totally different because every time, I'm told, the president says something, does something, an op-ed comes out, the Woodward book comes out, the swirl and the chaos, that takes over even local news and it's not about what the Republican candidates are trying to talk about, what their message is, so it's increasingly difficult, again, particularly in those suburban districts where the race to control the house is going to be won or lost," she added.

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