GOP’s secret weapon Rachel Mitchell goes down in flames trying to cross-examine Ford in 5-minute chunks
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford interrogated by Rachel Mitchell (Photo: Screen capture)

The Republicans on the Judiciary Committee hired Arizona Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question a terrified Dr. Christine Blasey Ford instead of appearing on camera to hammer a victim of sexual assault. But the plan failed spectacularly.

The Republicans have refused to allow an FBI investigation, or indeed any investigation, much less a trial. Yet, the prosecutor treated it like a trial with a cross-examination requesting details about every possible component to the story.

Mitchell was forced to start and stop her lawyering every five minutes. It contrasted probing questions with emotional and empathetic statements from Democrats.

"A polished liar can create a seamless story, but a trauma survivor cannot be expected to remember every painful detail," said Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

When Mitchell asked questions it differed considerably.

"Was it loud?" Mitchell asked at one point about the party.

"No. Not in the living room," Dr. Ford replied.

"Besides the music that you have described that was playing in the bedroom, was there any other music or television or anything like that that was adding?" Mitchell asked.

"No," Dr. Ford replied.

"No there wasn't a stereo playing downstairs?" Mitchell asked.

"No," Ford said.

Each segment of the hearing continued on in that manner.

Watch in the videos below: