'Heck of a job': Conservative commentator slams Trump for still failing Americans in wake of disasters
Max Boot [ Screen grab from video ]

Former Republican Max Boot called President Donald Trump "out of touch" after he boasted about relief efforts to Hurrican Maria as an "unsung success."

While talking about Hurrican Florence set to hit the Carolinas, Trump said that his administration successful response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico even though upwards to 3,000 people died from it.

"Remember that President Bush was pilloried for his response to Katrina when he said, for example, to the FEMA director, 'heck of a job, Brownie,'" Boot told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

He added, "He was seen as being out of touch because 1,800 people died in Hurricane Katrina. Well, nearly 3,000 people died in Hurricane Maria and President Trump, even today, is still saying that it was a heck of a job. He's still saying it was an incredible 'unsung success story.' So how out of touch is President Trump? Far more so than President Bush."

Watch the video below via CNN.