Jeff Sessions says that he looks at Trump's twitter feed to see if he is fired or not
Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a Sept. 5, 2017 press briefing. (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked his Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Recently, Trump called for Sessions to investigate the anonymous New York Times opinion piece writer, who said Trump is unfit to be president.

On Friday, CNN's Kaitlan Collins told Wolf Blitzer that Sessions checked Trump's Twitter page often to see if he has been fired yet.

"Where does he think he stands as far as the president is concerned?" Blitzer asked.

"He has really come to terms with the fact that his relationship with President Trump won't end well. The request to investigate who it is that wrote that critical op-ed of him isn't going to help," Collins said

She added, "Over the last year and a half now that the president has been attacking Jeff Sessions. As those attacks increased we saw him push back on the president more and more."

"In recent weeks he's acknowledged that that relationship with President Trump has only gotten worse," Collins said.

"Some days he treats this with humor joking with people, that he is looking at the president's twitter feed to see if he has a job. [He is] prepared for any outcome that's going to happen, including potentially him being fired," she said.

Watch the video below via CNN.