Roger Stone smears Mueller witness as a drug-addicted dog abuser in bizarre video
Roger Stone (Screen cap).

Trump ally Roger Stone on Friday posted a bizarre video on his Instagram page in which he attacked Randy Credico, who on Friday testified before special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury.

In the video, Stone accused Credico of being both a serial animal abuser and a drug addict.

"So Randy Credico is taking his dog to Robert Mueller's grand jury," Stone began. "Credico plans to tell the grand jury that I threatened to take away his dog. How cruel, how heartless, with a prop dog right there! What he won't mention is that I did so out of concern that, because of Credico's substance abuse... the dog was receiving neither food nor medical attention."

Stone, who himself is seen holding a dog in his video, went on to describe his own personal dedication to animal rights.

"I stand second to no one in terms of my record for fighting for animal welfare," the longtime GOP dirty trickster said. "This will not be the first time Mr. Mueller has misled the grand jury -- the stone-cold truth stings!"

Watch the video below.