Rudy Giuliani issues inaccurate and misspelled tweet denying Manafort will testify against Trump campaign
Rudy Giuliani appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Rudy Giuliani insisted that Paul Manafort will not be required to testify about possible wrongdoing by the Trump campaign he led for months -- but there's no basis for the attorney's claim.

President Donald Trump's personal attorney tweeted out the denial, which he based on unnamed sources close to Manafort's defense team, a day after the former campaign chairman pleaded guilty to two counts and agreed to cooperate with the special counsel investigation.

"According to sources close to Manafort defense: 'The coooeration agree does not involve the Trump campaign....There was no collusion with Russia,'" Giuliani tweeted, and misspelled "cooperation." "Another road travelled by Mueller. Same conclusion: no evidence of collusion President did nothing wrong."

The cooperation agreement, which has been posted online, does not specifically say Manafort must testify about potential criminal activity by himself or others involved in the Trump campaign -- but it does stipulate that he must truthfully answer all questions by Robert Mueller and his investigators.

Giuliani's quote appears to be from a Politico report that quotes the former New York City mayor elsewhere.

NPR tweeted Friday that the cooperation agreement did not include "matters involving the Trump campaign," but the reporter who gathered that information has since retweeted a CNN legal analyst explaining that Manafort cannot refuse to answer questions about that activity.

"Manafort deal requires full cooperation. He can’t draw lines," tweeted CNN legal analyst Ross Garber. "It’s possible that Manafort lawyers have given Rudy assurances that Manafort won’t hurt Trump or address collision. But Mueller is putting together puzzle pieces. Doubt others know shape of finished puzzle."

Other legal experts have drawn the same conclusion.