Trump's ragtag legal team is woefully unready to face 'very significant threats' from Mueller: legal experts
Rudy Giuliani appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Legal experts are telling Vanity Fair reporter Abigail Tracy that President Donald Trump's legal team is vastly understaffed and unprepared for coming confrontations with special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

In interviews with some prominent Washington DC attorneys, Tracy has found that there is general bafflement within the legal community about what, if any, strategy the Trump legal team is pursuing to fight off Mueller's investigation.

"Rudy has suggested that he sees impeachment as the only threat here, I don’t think that is even close to being true," Tulane Law School professor Ross Garber explained. "There are very significant legal and political threats to the president and those around him."

Garber also told Tracy that he is "surprised by the apparent small size of the legal team representing the White House and the president and other witnesses," since "in past investigations of the White House under other administrations, the legal teams were quite large and well-resourced."

Andrew Hall, an attorney who represented ex-Nixon adviser John Ehrlichman during Watergate, told Tracy that one major problem for the Trump team is that they simply do not seem to know everything that multiple witnesses have told the special counsel.

"You are never going to know what the prosecutors know or not but actually you want to know more than what they know," he said. "You want to find out what everybody has said about your client and where that fits in the big picture."