Walmart worker fired for loudly insulting Muslim shopper and spying on her in changing room
Walmart employee (WCCO)

A Walmart employee was fired for harassing a Muslim customer as she tried on clothes in a changing room.

The white-haired employee loudly insulted the woman as she changed in private out of her traditional Islamic clothing at a Minneapolis-area store, and also peered underneath the door as the woman tried on items, reported WCCO-TV.

"That's the one I was talking about," the woman told another employee. "They think they own us, and I'm sick of this sh*t."

The employee said she purposefully unlocked a "dirty" changing stall for the customer, and she stood outside the door and complained about Muslims as she tried to sneak a peek of the woman as she changed clothing.

"See, they have to take everything off to change," the worker said. "They think they own the world. You don't tell me what to do, I'm old enough to be your grandmother. I can talk if I want to."

The employee has not been identified, but CAIR-MN said she was no longer employed at the store.