WATCH: All black MSNBC panel ridicules GOP's DeSantis for whitepraising his black opponent as 'articulate'
Joy Reid, Michael Steele, Jonathan Capehart, Christopher Metzler -- screenshot

Following an interview with Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum who is running for governor, an all-black panel on AM Joy went after his GOP opponent Ron DeSantis for thinking calling a black man "articulate" is high praise.

MSNBC host Joy Reid started the panel off by asking former RNC Chairman Michael Steele what he thinks of this "trite narrative" the GOP is pushing on Gillum's nomination.

"Well Joy, he is just so articulate," the Republican sarcastically began in reference to the DeSantis comments where the Republican also worried about his Florida voters who might “monkey this up” -- by which he meant vote for a black man as governor.

As the entire panel laughed, a smirking Steele continued, "I'm so damn impressed by that. He presents so well. Gosh, he had a tie on and everything. Damn, a black man in a tie. Look at this brother here, right?"

Turning serious, the conservative Steele added, "Gillum is not just impressive, he's smart. He understands the people of his state at least in the Democratic primary well enough to win so he has to be respected for what he had to do as the mayor of Tallahassee to cobble together a grassroots. I identify with him because of the grass-roots effort he put on the ground to win that nomination and I think that will be his strength going into the fall. The weakness lies in how does the Democratic Party shows love for him while he's espousing a message that the party as a whole has not itself embraced?"

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: