Woman-hating celibate 'incels' are claiming Brett Kavanaugh as one of their own
Brett Kavanaugh offers testimony at his confirmation hearing. (Screenshot)

Incels -- an online community of woman-hating men who choose to remain celibate -- have found a new hero.

The Daily Beast reports that many incel forums have been lighting up with praise for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ever since he told Fox News that he supposedly remained sexually celibate throughout high school and college.

"Kavanaugh being an incel once makes me [like] him more," wrote one incel on an internet forum.

A Kavanaugh-loving incel on Reddit, however, cautioned that the Supreme Court nominee's admission of his own celibacy could harm his chances of getting confirmed.

"He doesn't realize that the only thing women and normies hate more than rapists, it’s incels," they wrote. "He's done."

Kavanaugh first talked about his supposed high school and college virginity during a lengthy Fox News interview in which he tried to shoot down multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

"I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter," he said.