Andrew Gillum thrashes Trump for calling him a 'thief': 'He's howling because he's weak'
President Donald Trump and Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum.

Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum on Monday hit back hard at President Donald Trump after the president accused him of being a "thief" on Twitter.

In a statement issued Monday morning, Trump called Gillum "a thief" who is "Mayor of poorly run Tallahassee, said to be one of the most corrupt cities in the Country!"

Trump has taken a keen interest in the race for Florida governor, especially after his personally endorsed candidate, Ron DeSantis, got repeatedly thrashed at debates with Gillum last week.

Gillum did not take the president's insults lying down, however, and called out Trump for not having the guts to tag him in his latest tweet.

"On Twitter there is a choice between having the courage to @ the person you are trash talking, or not," Gillum wrote. "Donald Trump is howling because he's weak. Florida, go vote today."

Gillum has maintained a consistent lead over DeSantis across multiple polls of the Florida governor's race, and the Real Clear Politics polling average currently shows him up by 3.2 percentage points.