Brooke Baldwin shames Fox News for laughing amid discussion of synagogue massacre: ‘Entirely inappropriate’
CNN's Brooke Baldwin (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday CNN's Brooke Baldwin called out Fox News for spreading "propaganda" and "lies" in the wake of one of the deadliest weeks in America.

Within the past two weeks, bombs were sent to prominent Democrats and CNN. There was a massacre in a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh. A high school shooting in North Carolina and two African Americans were shot in a grocery store in Kentucky. 

During her show, Baldwin questioned the role that news media plays in spreading hate and creating a culture filled with alternative facts.

"A part of the conversation is what's happening online. The other part is what's happening on TV. Like a segment earlier today on Fox," Baldwin said.

Baldwin then played a clip of a Fox News panel laughing while the lower-third of the screen showed details about the synagogue massacre.

"It's just so entirely inappropriate," she said. "Eleven people were just murdered on Saturday and they're laughing."

Watch the entire clip below via CNN.