BUSTED: New footage disproves white woman's claim that a black child 'sexually assaulted' her
A Brooklyn, NY resident named Theresa and nicknamed "Cornerstore Caroline" speaks to NY's Pix11 news after calling police on a black boy she accused of sexual assault. Image via Andrew Ramos/Twitter.

Security camera footage has disproven the claims of a white woman nicknamed "Cornerstore Caroline" who called the police on a 9-year-old black boy for "sexual assault."

Andrew Ramos, a reporter with New York's Pix11 news station, tweeted the surveillance video clip that shows the woman leaning over a store counter as the boy, identifiable by his bright green school uniform shirt, walks behind her.

The woman identified as Theresa claimed the 9-year-old boy "grabbed my ass," but the footage shows him merely brushing against her — corroborating the claims of eyewitnesses inside the store who said the boy did not "assault" the woman.

"Video completely vindicates the child," Ramos noted. "Deli owner told me the woman has a history of being 'unwell.'

He also added that although some people believed Theresa was bluffing, "she actually did call 911" and that police responded 17 minutes later. A report "was never filed," Ramos wrote.

The reporter also included video of him and another journalist standing outside the woman's apartment door asking her questions. She can be heard through the door saying she'd called the police on them.

In a subsequent tweet, Ramos wrote that the police arrived following the woman's call. She reportedly claimed the journalists "were harassing her and threatening her with violence."