Conservative effort to force fundamentalist Christian education curriculum on Arizona students goes down in flames
'10-11 year-old boy reading the Bible' [Shutterstock]

An effort by Arizona's conservative Superintendent for Public Instruction to implement a school curriculum created by a far-right fundamentalist college on the state's students was shot down by the less conservative State Board of Education.

According to KSDAZ, Superintendent Diane Douglas proposed adopting a new science curriculum created by ultra-conservative Hillsdale College, a Christian fundamentalist university located in Michigan.

After proposing, "I move that the Arizona State Board of Education adopt the Hillsdale School Standards," Douglas saw her plan shot down as the state's science teachers pressed the board to instead use science standards developed by the Arizona Science Teachers Association that was 2 1/2 years in the making.

According to one elementary school teacher, Elizabeth Hobson, who criticized the Douglas proposal, "We don't need a pre-canned set of standards that comes from somewhere else."

The report states the debate over adoption drew more than two dozen people, including teachers, parents, and students opposed to Douglas.

You can watch the video below: