Conservative Max Boot rips Fox News for using caravan footage to scare old white men over 'dark-skinned newcomers'
Max Boot. (Screenshot)

Appearing on CNN Sunday morning, conservative Max Boot -- who recently left the Republican Party due to the rise of Donald Trump -- lashed out at Fox News for repeatedly running clips of an immigrant caravan in an effort to scare the network's core audience of old white men.

Speaking with Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter, Boot agreed with the host that fear-mongering coverage was pure "demagoguery."

“It is demagoguery,” Boot explained, “It is also, I believe, racism and nativism really pandering to the fears of Trump supporters and Fox News viewers who tend to be older white males who are alarmed about the supposed invasion of dark-skinned newcomers coming to America.”

Boot went on to complain that the GOP under Trump has gone from being conservative with a white extremist fringe to one where the true conservatives have been pushed to the side by the white nationalists infesting it -- part of the reason why he left.

Watch the video below via CNN: