GOP lawmaker mocked woman who said she was traumatized by sexual harassment: 'Come on! She wasn't raped!'
Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN) (Photo: Screengrab from video)

CNN's Andrew Kaczynski and Jamie Ehrlich have dug up yet another damning soundbite from Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN), who has previously been caught on tape saying he wishes it was still socially acceptable to call women "sluts."

In the latest clip found by scouring the archives of Lewis' old talk radio show, which was hosted by the Genesis Communications Network, the congressman can be heard mocking a woman who claimed that she was traumatized by being sexually harassed by former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

"I don't want to be callous here, but how traumatizing was it?" Lewis said during a 2012 episode of his show. "How many women at some point in their life have a man come on to them, place their hand on their shoulder or maybe even their thigh, kiss them, and they would rather not have it happen, but is that really something that's going to be seared in your memory that you'll need therapy for?"

Lewis then did a crude imitation of Cain's accuser to ridicule her further.

"You'll never get over it, it was the most traumatizing experience?" he asked mockingly. "Come on! She wasn't raped."

CNN reached out to both Lewis' campaign and the Genesis Communications Network for comment, but so far has only received a cease-and-desist letter from Genesis' lawyers.

Listen to the audio below.