Kellyanne Conway snaps after CNN's John Berman reads her Trump's divisive statements: 'You're cherry picking!'
Kellyanne Conway appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway on Monday tried to insist that President Donald Trump is working to heal America, but she quickly grew angry when CNN's John Berman read her a list of divisive statements the president had made in the last few days alone.

During the interview, Berman acknowledged that while Trump had said some of the right things in the wake of Saturday's horrific massacre of 11 Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue, he quickly reverted to form and started attacking opponents who had been mailed explosive devices by one of his own supporters just days earlier.

"Just to review some of the things the president has said since this murder," Berman began. "He called Tom Steyer, who received a bomb in the mail last week, a lunatic. He talked about Maxine Waters, who received bombs in the mail... He's been very critical of the media, he even went after the Dodgers manager over the weekend."

Conway quickly grew defensive.

"The president is trying to heal the country, but you're cherry-picking certain tweets!" she complained. "In the case of Maxine Waters, she went first!"

Conway then proceeded to attack both CNN and Tom Steyer for their criticisms of the president.

Watch the video below.