Methodist pastor tells CNN why he shamed Jeff Sessions over treatment of immigrants: 'God calls them my people'
Re. Will Green appears on CNN (Screen cap).

The Rev. Will Green, the pastor who was caught on camera heckling Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the Trump administration's treatment of immigrants this week, told CNN on Tuesday that he felt called upon by his faith to protest what he sees as injustice.

Talking with CNN's John Berman, Green explained why he quoted the Bible verse Matthew 25:43 to show Sessions why his immigration policies were against the word of God.

"The 25th chapter of Matthew, this story, is a wonderful tool for us to use to examine our lives," he said. "It's a wonderful way for us to hold our lives up against the teachings of Christ, up to the witness of Jesus and to really look within, to get honest and to say, 'How are we doing? How are we treating others?'"

Green went on to explain that Christians had a special duty to be compassionate toward refugees fleeing violence in their home countries, as he said Christ was directly referencing the situations refugees find themselves in when he said, "I was a stranger and you did not take me in."

"I call these people my friends," he said. "I call them my neighbors, I call them my family. God calls them my people. Jesus calls them beloved and that's who I listen to for my messaging."

Watch the video below.