MSNBC's Donny Deutsch rips Trump's 'sociopathic' decision to hold 'pep rally' while Hurricane Michael raged
Donny Deutsch (MSNBC)

Panelists on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" ripped President Donald Trump for going ahead with a planned campaign rally in Pennsylvania while Hurricane Michael ravaged Florida and Georgia.

Host Joe Scarborough pointed to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, one of Trump's rivals in the 2016 Republican primary, and tried to imagine him holding a rally instead of overseeing hurricane relief efforts.

"No leader of any substance or worth would do this while people were suffering, they would not hold a pep rally," Scarborough said. "And yet, there's Donald Trump, and, of course, he will pay no penalty for it."

Contributor Donny Deutsch said the president's decision to hold the rally despite the hurricane showed a stunning lack of empathy and signs of a possible mental disorder.

"Going back to the human part of it," Deutsch said, "that he just couldn't make, beyond politics, a simple human calculation about, 'Wow, I'm feeling' -- and I go back to my old sociopathic diagnosis, I know we don't diagnose here -- he couldn't have the human decency, understanding, human kind of calculation in his head to go, 'Wow, this doesn't feel right.'"

Scarborough pointed out that even Fox News isn't carrying all of his rallies live anymore, and Deutsch said that makes Trump's decision even worse.

"It doesn't even feel right to do this, and that shows the humanity of this man beyond the political miscalculation, based on where the media is going," Deutsch said. "He just couldn't understand how it's humanly wrong to do it."