MSNBC's Joy Reid torches Senate GOP's sex crimes prosecutor for failing to mention Kavanaugh's testimony in her report
MSNBC's Joy Reid fills in for host Rachel Maddow in a segment about Brett Kavanaugh cross-examiner Rachel Mitchell. Image via screengrab.

MSNBC host Joy Reid criticized the Senate's "outsourced" sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell for failing to mention Brett Kavanaugh's testimony in her report about the hearing featuring the Supreme court nominee and his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Filling in for host Rachel Maddow, Reid noted that "Ms. Mitchell sets out various reasons for why in her view this is not a prosecutable case" in the report leaked to NBC News Sunday night

"She takes issue with Dr. Ford's timeline, with her memory and with her assertions she has suffered psychological after-effects from the assault," the host said. "But in setting out all of that, Ms. Mitchell spends zero time in this memo on what Brett Kavanaugh said in Thursday's hearing, which is a little curious considering she did ask him about one specific date on his calendar shortly before Republicans took over the questioning."

Reid noted a moment from Mitchell's cross-examination of Kavanaugh in which she asked him to turn to the date of July 1, 1982 — the day Ford alleged he assaulted her at a party.

"That calendar includes two of the people who Dr. Ford says were at the party in question on that day," she said. "Reporters have homed in on that day as possibly supporting Dr. Ford's timeline for the assault, and it seemed prosecutor Rachel Mitchell was at least somewhat interested — at least on Thursday."

Reid played a clip from the testimony in which the prosecutor asked Kavanaugh about that date, the people who attended and whether he would have documented the type of party Ford described. The nominee said he would have written it down because he wrote everything down, as indicated by the calendar entry that included the term "skis," an apparent reference to "brewskis," a nickname for beer.

The host pointed out that "for some reason, [Mitchell] was sidelined for the rest of the hearing — and in her assessment of Dr. Ford's allegations against Kavanaugh, July 1, 1982 does not get brought up at all."

Watch below via MSNBC: